Dame Dash Encourages Celebs To Speak Up After Also Slamming Jay Z For Not Denouncing R. Kelly

Dame Dash Encourages Celebs To Speak Up After Also Slamming Jay Z For Not Denouncing R. Kelly
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A lot of celebrities have been denouncing R. Kelly amid his scandal but not everyone who has ever worked with him is speaking up! Dame Dash and his son Boogie gave an interview to HollywoodLife and revealed what they think stars should do regarding this situation in the entertainment industry.

As you may know, there have been sexual assault allegations against R. Kelly for years but now, the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly has brought a lot of those serious accusations to the forefront.

Now, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash and his son, star of Growing Up Hip Hop, Boogie, told the news outlet why it is really important that other public personalities speak up against R. Kelly.

Previously, he discussed on Hip Hop Motivation his ex business partner, Jay Z and his collaboration with Kelly, mentioning that things between them changed after that.

So how should Jay Z, who has such a huge platform, handle this?

From his point of view, a lot of artists avoid denouncing Kelly due to the fact that he is good at making popular tracks for them.

But regardless of that, ‘We just cannot look the other way. If we see something wrong, we cannot just work with people just because they are still making bread or if we're vibing with what comes out of their body and voice or whatever. We can’t look the other way. It cannot be acceptable.’

Boogie agreed with his father, saying that ‘If someone is touching you or violating your privacy and personal space speak on it immediately. Just show support to the victims who are telling the truth because I know a lot of people are just saying that it happened, but I do not know everybody’s case.’

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