Dakota Meyer Challenges Dan Bilzerian To A Fight After Wife Bristol Palin Gets Prank Called: 'You Put My Wife In Danger!'

Dakota Meyer Challenges Dan Bilzerian To A Fight After Wife Bristol Palin Gets Prank Called: 'You Put My Wife In Danger!'
Source: ew.com

Dakota Meyer, Bristol Palin’s husband, wants to handle his differences with millionaire Dan Bilzerian like real men! According to new reports, the veteran marine has challenged Bilzerian to a fight after his wife received multiple prank calls.

Meyer alleged that the pro poker player was the one who has been giving people Palin’s phone number, therefore putting the entire family in danger.

Yesterday, the decorated marine took to social media to make his unexpected challenge known.

Meyer posted a video that he captured: ‘Here @danbilzerian I am done with your petty games. Do not ever drag my family into anything. I’m waiting.’

In the video he shared, Meyer threatened Bilzerian, saying he has finally gotten his attention if that is what he wanted.

He went on to claim that he would’ve easily let it slide if Bilzerian only messed with him but his family is a whole different story.

‘You want to bring my family in this, you want to put my wife in danger by putting her phone number out to people? You got your little friends trying to FaceTime her? My life is not a game and it is not entertainment either so what I’ll tell you is, my family’s purpose is my purpose, and now you are my mission. This ain’t an option. You just need to tell me when and where and if not we will be somewhere together, I’m sure. Why don’t we handle this like men? You got it, Dan? I’m waiting.’

The feud between Meyer and Bilzerian started with the first man slamming the other for running away from the Las Vegas shooting and vlogging it!

During the Instagram live clip, the millionaire even told his followers that he had watched a woman get shot in the head while he himself was trying to escape the open fire.

Meyer criticized the poker player for running away like a coward instead of helping people.

In an attempt to fight back, Bilzerian soon shared footage of him begging police officers to lend him a gun but to no avail.

He even called Meyer a ‘retard’ for saying those things about him online.

This weekend, the man revealed his wife, daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has been receiving prank calls ever since the social media feud started and the people calling her claimed they were Bilzerian’s friends.


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