Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Prove They Are One Modern Family With Gwyneth Paltrow

Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Prove They Are One Modern Family With Gwyneth Paltrow
Credit: Source: Popsugar

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their separation, what they called a “conscious uncoupling”, in 2014. The idea was to stay involved in each other’s and their children’s lives, to maintain “one big, happy family”. Four years later the pair have stayed true to their agreement and this year’s Thanksgiving was no exception—with the addition of actress Dakota Johnson.

Though they have been dating for over a year, reports claim Martin and girlfriend, Fifty Shades star Johnson, not only spent their first major holiday together, but that they spent it with the entire family!

According to E! News the couple spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Martin’s ex-wife, Paltrow, their two children, as well as Paltrow’s new husband, Brad Falchuk.

Paltrow has previously joked on social media about their “modern family”. Well, spending Thanksgiving with your ex-husband, his girlfriend, and your new husband could certainly be considered “modern” and that is exactly what it was.

Paltrow and Martin really seem to have the “modern family” thing down to an exact science. Not only do they have family time and joint holidays, they also go on vacations together.

Sources say that Paltrow has welcomed Johnson into the family with open arms, just as Martin did with Falchuk. “Gwyneth thinks she is lovely. She gets on very well with her and is happy for Chris.”

The best part is Johnson’s relationship with Martin and Paltrow’s two children, Apple and Moses. The source says, “The kids really like Dakota and enjoy spending time with her.”

Rumors of Martin and actress Johnson’s relationship started after they were seen together at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles in October 2017. Recently, rumors sparked that Martin and Johnson were expecting a child together.

The speculation was a result of pink and blue balloons being released from a gathering at Chris Martin’s Los Angeles home. In a statement Dakota Johnson’s rep said that it was her birthday and the balloons were accidentally released.


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