DaBaby Urges Struggling Fans To Get A Therapist After Admitting He Has Done The Same

DaBaby Urges Struggling Fans To Get A Therapist After Admitting He Has Done The Same
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Following the death of his brother, DaBaby , came out to say he would be getting therapy, People Magazine reported this week. The outlet claims the 28-year-old performing artist tweeted about mental health and urged his fans and followers to seek out help if they're struggling with depression and anxiety.

DaBaby says if someone needs help, get them help, and if they refuse it, do it for them anyway. The rapper went on to say that he was going to get a therapist himself. DaBaby , whose real name is Jonathan Kyndale Kirk, finished off his post with "#LongLiveG" in reference to his fallen brother.

TMZ was the first to report that Johnson passed away on Tuesday at the age of 34. Fox 46 and Eyewitness News 9 went to the scene of a crime where police had been called over allegations of an assault with a deadly weapon.

Kirk's brother, who just so happened to have three daughters and one son, suffered a gunshot wound and was subsequently taken to a hospital where he was declared dead. According to the aforementioned news stations, the police designated the man's death as a death investigation.

However, it isn't currently known whether foul play was related to his passing. TMZ claims Johnson appeared "distressed" in a social media post just before the incident occurred. Thus far, it isn't known what led to the death of the rapper's brother.

This is a big loss for DaBaby, who has been on top of the rap game ever since he released Kirk , arguably his biggest and most successful record ever . The rapper is rarely in the headlines for personal reasons, including when he got political during the summer months.

Earlier this year, DaBaby commented on the Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kirk, aka, DaBaby, said he wanted to wait for the hysteria to die down before he commented, before going on to argue that people who have never lived "police brutality," shouldn't have the right to even speak on the matter.


As most know, the rapper has found himself in trouble with the authorities a number of times over the last 2 years.

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