DaBaby Makes A Scene Out Of Getting Food In Viral Video -- Hip Hop Sensation Has Fans Laughing

DaBaby Makes A Scene Out Of Getting Food In Viral Video -- Hip Hop Sensation Has Fans Laughing
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While many of DaBaby's fans are already aware that he likes to put a spin on various situations in his life, the rapper seems to be willing to go over the top in some cases.

Just recently, he posted a video of himself carefully watching over Burger King employees as they were preparing his food.

The rapper has made it known that he does not like the mayonnaise at all in his food and wanted to make sure that not a single drop of the white condiment made its way on his burgers.

And even though many of his fans found the post hilarious, others have pointed out that the workers seemed a bit too unenthusiastic to be involved in this, and the rapper could have probably given them more of a heads-up.

Of course, the public does not know exactly what happened behind the scenes leading up to the posts, and it is entirely possible that there was already some agreement between everyone involved.

Meanwhile, DaBaby has been making more and more progress on social media, and he has been actively engaging his fans on various topics.

Many seem to find his antics hilarious, and this has been one of the main driving forces behind his popularity.

DaBaby seems to have a good knack for engaging his fans on the Internet, and he has been navigating the scene very successfully.

He will not be falling out of the spotlight in the coming months, for he has been nominated for several Grammys.

One fan told him: "Yasssss Baby. This is only the beginning. It’s only UP FROM HERE MY LOVE. 🤞🏾❤️"

Another commenter reached out for some ticket issues: "I bought my ticket for your concert in Detroit literally AS SOON AS THEY WENT ON SALE! I purchased a ticket, and center e, row D, seat #22, and I find out today that they canceled my damn ticket and refunded me, and they cannot figure out why! Now there are no more seats available! Someone, please help me with this before I drive my fckn car into the nearest lake 😢 I’ve been planning this for months and have already purchased my tickets to get to Detroit, room, set appts, hell, the whole nine!😩 If you ended up purchasing this ticket, I would buy it from you for double. I still have the photos of my confirmation number, seat, and everything else needed to prove that I’m not lying."

The rapper was quick to help out: "Send the proof to @billiondollarbabyentertainment we gone get you in dat b*tch."

He was made for this social media era.

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