DaBaby Claims His Former Charges Have Nothing To Do With His Current Club Promoter Assault Case

DaBaby Claims His Former Charges Have Nothing To Do With His Current Club Promoter Assault Case
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that DaBaby and his lawyers are asking why his legal opponent is bringing up old charges and accusations regarding his current legal battle with a club promoter, who accused him of walking away from a scheduled performance and also assaulting a fan in the venue.

Nothing to Something Entertainment recently filed court documents in which they requested that the court looks at DaBaby's past history, including charges and convictions, in relation to the performing artist's $100,000 breach of contract case.

The idea behind disclosing his past transgressions is supposed to show the rapper's repeated behavior and proclivity toward violence. DaBaby's team, however, argued that showing his past criminal charges and convictions aren't relevant.

His team says that not only would bringing up his history confuse the jury, but it would also lead to a prejudicial judgment. A judge hasn't ruled on the motion yet.

As it was previously reported, Nothing to Something sued DaBaby in 2019 due to a purported altercation in Massachusetts' Centro nightclub. The rapper was supposed to perform, but backed out at the last minute and allegedly assaulted a fan on the way out.

Reportedly, the promoter and his team say they have surveillance footage showing DaBaby and his bodyguards beating up a fan who asked to take a photo with him. Once DaBaby left the scene, the concert was canceled, and the promoter was forced to refund the vast majority of those who attended.

Moreover, the promoter says they had already paid DaBaby for his show, but because he never delivered it, they had to front the costs. They are now asking the rapper to deliver his $100,000 as a judgment, which will cover all of the punitive damages, lawyer fees, and interest.

Donald Saladin, as well, the purported victim involved, is suing the rapper for personal injuries. His lawsuit is a separate civil suit. Earlier this year, DaBaby took to his social media account to argue that the entire judicial and police system needed to be replaced in the aftermath of George Floyd's death.

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