Da Brat Reveals Why It Took Her 20 Years To Finally Come Out

Da Brat Reveals Why It Took Her 20 Years To Finally Come Out
Credit: Source: TheBlast.com

In a new profile for Variety, the Chicago rap legend, Da Brat, explained why she chose to come out as a gay woman. In a post from March of this year, Da Brat revealed she was dating the Kaleidoscope Hair Products CEO, Jesseca Dupart.

Da Brat and Jesseca celebrated a brand new white Bentley, fashioned with a red bow. During her chat with Variety, Da Brat explained that she always felt as though being private about her life was the proper way to go about things.

"I was fine staying quiet," Brat said, however, her partner is a "social media mogul," and it's a big part of her life. Da Brat says part of her role in the relationship was to meet her in the middle. It made sense for her to come out and say that Jesseca was the one.

Regarding her true sexual orientation, Da Brat said she has dated men in the past. In some way, she's actually bisexual, but she prefers not to put a label on the way she lives her life. According to the performing artist, it felt good to come out finally.

Probably in an attempt to combat potential criticism, DaBrat said it was her own decision to come out as a gay woman, and it wasn't at the demand of her record label. DaBrat says she was always told that it's best to stay attractive to both men and women.

A person doesn't want anyone to discriminate against you. She went on to cite the purported example of Ellen, saying that when she lost her television show, it was a "horrible" thing.

These days, Da Brat is working as an actress as well as a radio DJ on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

Regarding some of her contemporaries, including Lil Nas X and some of the female artists out there, DaBrat warned against being put into a box. DaBrat says that a woman can't do what she did as an up and coming artist, for instance, entering an executive's office dressed up in "tomboy clothes."

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