Da Baby Confirms He Is Expecting Another Baby After Being Exposed By His Baby's Mother

Da Baby Confirms He Is Expecting Another Baby After Being Exposed By His Baby's Mother
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Da Baby is a proud father of a baby girl with a woman who is known as Meme. Although she admitted that they weren't officially in a relationship in an interview that went viral months ago, she exposed the rapper for getting another woman pregnant.

Meme took to social media where she called the artist controlling and shared text messages he sent to another girl. She revealed that he is having a child with the unknown female.

Da Baby made his own video confirming that he does have another child on the way.

Soon after, a woman named Latoia Danet posted a picture that insinuated that the secret between her and Da Baby was out. She made it seem as if she was expecting and he was the baby's father.

The Suge rapper took to Twitter to deny that he even knows Latoia and scolded the public for shaming people after many of his followers commented on Danet's appearance.


'Y’all gotta learn to be more sensitive to ppl feelings on the internet dawg. I’m cool w/ MFs lying on me, it come with the game. But I hate when the lies put me in the position where I gotta potentially hurt somebody else feelings to clear my name. That ain’t playa at all. Not even on no motivational speaker type s***. But y’all gotta keep in mind some people really can’t handle allat negative s*** that come from the cap that be put out on the internet.  a MF a really give up on life behind a b******* story made up by someone who wasn’t thinking. & I would hate to be apart of somebody mind or spirit being f***** up all because I gotta clear my name to keep my character from being damaged. Y’all MFs cutthroat boy. Artists, athletes, actors, etc. Get put in positions where they end up having to hurt a innocent person feelings just to protect their career they worked hard and made sacrifices for. At least the media get paid for it, but a lot of y’all a ruin a person life for free.'


He ended the denial by asking people to be more mindful.

Latoia has come forward to say that the post was just a joke that was blown out of proportion.

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