Cyntoia Brown Gets Released From Prison And Receives A Book Deal

Cyntoia Brown Gets Released From Prison And Receives A Book Deal
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Cyntoia Brown and everyone who supported her was in awe to learn that she will finally get released from jail. She was there for 15 years in order to serve her sentence. But it seems that good news keeps pouring for this lady.

Cyntoia's case became viral a while ago, and it managed to inspire a public campaign for her freedom.

Now, according to the latest news, she will also be releasing a book called 'Free Cyntoia.'

The Shade Room cites data from Seattle Times and reveals that the publishing company, Atria Books, will be publishing Cyntoia's book.

'The book will chronicle her life and take readers on what they describe as a "roller coaster ride." Cyntoia wrote the book during her 15-year sentence and reportedly will explain in great detail what her experiences were before and after being incarcerated,' TSR noted.

Not everyone believes she should be released, and more haters say that she should have remained in jail because she is not that innocent after all.

Someone said: 'God about to change her life in ways she never probably even thought 😩' and another follower posted: 'All cuz she killed a man we haven’t heard his side of the story.'

One commenter wrote: 'Kills a man in his sleep robs him and gets a book deal...America is a weird place.'

Somoene else is happy for her and said: 'Her blessings just keep overflowing! So happy for her!!!🙌🏽'

A person does not agree: 'She Killed A Man His Sleep & Planned The Whole Thing With Her Bf Aka Pimp That She Ran Away With❗️ At 16 Yrs Old I Had Common Sense & Knew Robbing & Killing Someone Was Messed Up.'

Another Instagrammer wrote this: 'A book deal? Hell, let me go out there and do some wrong. Being good doesn’t pay off.'

Not too long ago, Kim Kardashian posted a message on her social media account and rapper T.I. did the same in order to celebrate Cyntoia's release from jail.

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