Cynthia Bailey's Latest Photos With Mike Hill Have Fans Talking About Her Wedding Dress

Cynthia Bailey's Latest Photos With Mike Hill Have Fans Talking About Her Wedding Dress
Credit: BravoTV

Cynthia Bailey shared a couple of new pics in which she's lounging with Mike Hill while binging on BravoTV at home. When people saw what they are eating they mentioned the wedding dress that Cynthia has to wear in the near future.

'While we binge on @bravotv at home, my fiancé @itsmikehill, and I have been enjoying our favorite new popcorn #OreoCookiePop & #ChipsAhoyCookiePop! Legit Oreos and Chips Ahoy on Popcorn!! The delicious snacking treats are only 150 calories per serving!! You can stock up at and use code Snack30 for 30% off and follow @EatSnackPop to win your own Oreo Cookie Pop delivery!
In addition the brand is providing snacks to @baby2baby to help those in need, and I am all about giving back. #SnackPopAtHome #CookiePop #Baby2Baby #popcorn #StayAtHome #snackpoppartner,' Cynthia captioned her post which includes a couple of pics.

Someone commented: 'Alright Cynthia you got to fit in that wedding dress. Men burn fat/ calories faster than women! Pretend you’re eating and add to his bag,' and more fans joked on the subject as well.

Another follower said: 'I got the oreo ones from Sams last mth but didn't see the chips ahoy. Quarantine making me try anything because I don't think I would have bought either of these on a regular day. Lol.'

A fan said: 'Ommmmg I seen the Oreo one but not the Chips Ahoy popcorn in Sam’s club but wasn’t for sure about getting it because I’m a Chips Ahoy fan and my dude is an Oreo fan @cynthiabailey10 @itsmikehill. I love love love you guys since day 1 so legit and so genuine #BlackLove #RealLove still waiting on my wedding invitations!'

In other news, not too long ago, Cynthia accepted a challenge launched by Kenya Moore called the Model Challenge. She has been sharing some throwback photos on her social media account these past few days.

The other day, she shared a photo in which she is flaunting short hair, and fans cannot get enough of this look.

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