Cynthia Bailey’s Ex Peter Thomas Confronts Her New Man, Begs Her To Take Him Back!

Cynthia Bailey’s Ex Peter Thomas Confronts Her New Man, Begs Her To Take Him Back!

Cynthia Bailey’s former lover wants to get back together, and it looks like he will go to any lengths possible to take her away from her current boyfriend Will Jones. We have learned that he even went so far as to attack Will and it was caught on the Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras.

‘Peter Thomas confronted Will on camera about rumors that he is a serial dater and cheater at Kandi [Burruss]‘s Essence Magazine cover party last week. Will quickly denied the claims and left the event shortly after the altercation because he was not comfortable hanging around while the cast discussed his personal life on camera,’ one source on set revealed.

The insider also noted that on the upcoming season, the fact that Cynthia and Peter are still business partners would become a point of contention.

Peter offered to end the divorce processions and try to work out his differences with Cynthia this season.

However, his request was not accepted by his former wife, but that doesn’t mean they are not still pretty cordial.

As fans of Real Housewives certainly remember, Thomas and Bailey walked down the aisle on cameras back in 2010, but after being married for about six years, they split.

Shortly after the man was accused of cheating on his wife, he started dating Sina Bina - a much younger model.

Bailey began her relationship with Jones earlier this year, and they made it official in August.

However, even though they enjoy spending time together, they are still in the early stages of their relationship and do not really identify as a couple for now.

That being said, the next season will be focusing on their courtship as they get to know each other more and their families as well.

Do you think Cynthia should give Peter another chance?

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