Cynthia Bailey Went To Dinner With Kenya Moore - She Said Kenya 'Ate the Whole Restaurant'

Cynthia Bailey Went To Dinner With Kenya Moore - She Said Kenya 'Ate the Whole Restaurant'
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Kenya Moore wants to make sure that her growing baby is as healthy as possible. She and her hubby Marc Daly have nicknamed their baby BabyDaly on social media and Kenya makes sure that the baby is well-fed.

Cynthia Bailey had dinner with Kenya just recently and Cynthia shared with her fans the event on social media. She also made sure to poke Kenya for an increased appetite due to her pregnancy.

'Finally ran this pregnant lady down for dinner last night! Had so much fun catching up! And yes she ate the whole restaurant,' Cynthia joked on Instagram.

'Well did you read what that lady was saying about Kenya? ?Was that a nice thing to say?? She's definitely pregnant, and that lady was being extra shady for sure. Have a blessed day?' one of Cynthia's fans said in the comments section.

'She's been confronted on the show several times about wearing contacts and NOT once did she defend herself. Yet she makes a point to prove her real hair is long (in which it is) when called out by the haters,' another follower said slamming the rumors that claimed Kenya was wearing contact lenses.

'You girls are so beautiful... all I know is @thekenyamoore deserves a peach more than some of your trick 'friends' #rhoa,' someone else gushed over these lovely ladies.

'Amazing women of Our time. I mean I really respect the friendship. Hope nothing stands in the way,' another fan adores their friendship.

Someone else also brought Porsha Williams into the same discussion, saying that 'I’m actually beginning to like @porsha4real. She put away her differences with Kenya and reached out to her because babies are a blessing. Bless you, porsha!'


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