Cynthia Bailey Tells Her Fans To Appreciate The Small Things

Cynthia Bailey Tells Her Fans To Appreciate The Small Things
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Cynthia Bailey has learned a lot during these hard times. She's been spending her days at home, together with Mike Hill and she's been also exercising a lot.

But, just like most of us, she started to learn the importance of being grateful for the smallest things. Check out the message that she shared for her fan on IG:

'the feel of the wind & sun on my face. appreciate the small things☀️' Cynthia told her fans.

A follower said that 'I keep reading stuff about u as it pertains to rhoa... and I think u have a great storyline( u & Peter from marriage to divorce carried a few seasons and now finding love again with Mike and blending families ). Honestly, from an OG fan perspective, I would cancel Ne-Ne. Her saving grace is that she is an OG member because her storyline is non-existing and just tired, and the show flourished without her before🤷🏼‍♀️ I like Eva too and I think she brings something different as well that’s multi-layered. Ok sorry for rambling on but I’m tired of people making it seem like u don’t deserve your peach‼️❤️ Keep shining 🤩'

Someone else posted this message: 'You have motivated me so much!! One been taking my power walks all week consistently!!'

A commenter said: 'Would be a great show just keep nene the horse away from u would be the best thing to do,' and someone else posted this message: '@Cynthia A BIG thing to those unable, you know? Thank you for sharing all the encouragement you do!'

A fan asked: 'Ok Miss Cynthia... 💃 have you heard Poraha Porsha Porsha or Roll Call Nene Leakes? You can download at BravoHOOD.ONLINE in the Theme Song Collection! Who's up Next? Which housewive from #RhoaVirtualreunion. Let's celebrate and dance this weekend. Happy Mothers Day.'

In other news, Cynthia believes that people should never explain themselves .

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