Cynthia Bailey Talks About Creating New Opportunities And Not Waiting For Them

Cynthia Bailey Talks About Creating New Opportunities And Not Waiting For Them
Credit: BET

Cynthia Bailey talks to her fans about opportunities. She tells them that instead of waiting for them, she prefers creating new opportunities herself.

“The decision starts with the decision to try. As an entrepreneur & a viable brand, I never wait for opportunities, I create them.”🍷' Cynthia began her post.

She continued and said: 'Make sure you guys follow @thebaileywinecellar for all your wine needs. Thank you to my friends, family & my amazing fans for all your love & support. @famousdave87 & @mal_bailey to book wine tastings, birthday parties, wine classes,.... Also don’t forget, for larger events please keep my event space @thebaileyroom in mind😘'

Someone brought up the RHOA series as expected and asked Cynthia: 'Why is Kenya always throwing shade at you? You should cut her off as a friend and not let her come to your wedding. She is not a good friend.'

A fan said: 'While Kenya was trying to tell Cynthia about Wine, @cynthiabailey10 was actually RIGHT!!! That particular wine is light and crisp and pairs well with seafood. So Yes, Cynthia knee exactly what she was talking about. Kenya just played herself with her lack of knowledge because it does not overpower the seafood.'

One commenter wrote: 'I think Kenya never meant shade at alll.... there WAS no point. I REALLY think she was trying to brag on her OWN wine knowledge. Just my opinion.'

A follower responded: 'You could be right, but it just doesn't look good. It appeared to be a challenge to me and seeing that they are best friends, Kenya is aware of Cynthia's knowledge of the wine business and decided to show her up in front of the ladies and the cameras instead of educating her behind closed doors. I'm still trying to understand her ruining Cynthia's surprise proposal. I believe Cynthia is a better friend to Kenya than she is to her.'

Other than this, Cynthia keeps posting uplifting messages and advice for her fans in order to try to comfort them.


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