Cynthia Bailey Slams RHOA's Season Finale Editing For Making Her ‘Look Like I Was Lying’ - 'I Was Mortified!'

Cynthia Bailey Slams RHOA's Season Finale Editing For Making Her ‘Look Like I Was Lying’ - 'I Was Mortified!'
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Following the explosive season 11 RHOA finale, it looks like Cynthia Bailey is not very happy with how she’s been portrayed. The reality TV star still insists that she did not lie to NeNe Leakes about nemesis Kenya Moore showing up at her drink launch party!

But if you watched the episode, and that includes NeNe, you’d definitely think differently! So what happened?

Cynthia was on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show today and revealed that fans misunderstood when she supposedly whispered to Mike Hill that ‘I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming.’

It turns out that, seeing the captioning that read that during the episode, she was ‘completely mortified. You know, I’m not going to get too much into production, editing, and things being in and out of context. All I know is when I leaned over and whispered in Mike’s ear, I don’t hear me saying anything.’

She went on to argue that ‘I read the caption, but I don’t hear those words coming out of my mouth. Nor would I even have a reason for those words to come out of my mouth.’

If you’re wondering why she’d have to rely on the footage to figure out if she did say that or not, it’s because, as she admitted herself, she drank a lot of her Peach Bellinis at the party so she doesn’t really remember.

Regardless if she did say it or not, the RHOA star insisted that all she wanted was to keep the peace and have a successful launch party.

Besides, she insists that she ‘could never be a villain.’

‘It was hard for me to look like I’m lying about something, to look like I don’t have balls to just tell these women they’re going to be in the same room.’

Apparently, she only learned about Kenya showing at the last minute so she did not get the chance to warn NeNe.

‘I did not know Kenya was coming until she walked in the door. And Kandi [Burruss] backed me up, 100% because it’s the truth.’


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