Cynthia Bailey Shows Off An Amazing New Look, Leaving Fans Mesmerized

Cynthia Bailey Shows Off An Amazing New Look, Leaving Fans Mesmerized
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Cynthia Bailey posted a couple of pics in which she's showing off an amazing and classy look. She flaunts highlights in her hair and she looks gorgeous as you will see for yourselves in these recent posts on her social media account.

'& sending ❤️ to everyone! Especially the people that wouldn’t “P” on me if i was on 🔥 🤗#lovewins #covered #godsplan,' she captioned one of the photos.

Someone said: 'Mike is really blessed,Mike's eyes can really see👌' The person is talking about Mike Hill who will soon become Cynthia's hubby. These two said that they would be getting married this year.

Another follower said: 'Cynthia, you reflect the essence of true beauty.'

Someone sle posted this message, praising Cynthia: 'I just love everything about @cynthiabailey. This woman is gracious, classy, and just downright outstanding. No amount of money will take her out of her character. I love seeing women like you @cynthiabailey on television and doing well.'

Another commenter said: '@cynthiabailey “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

Someone else wrote: 'You’re still on fire...haters must be really upset right now....should they let you shine or pee on you.'

A fan posted this: 'You look gorgeous. You are beautiful inside and out,' and another follower said: 'Cynthia you always say “beauty fades but class is forever “. I have to respectfully disagree. Your beauty is forever and everyone knows your a class act. You make a good best friend and Mike knows he is lucky to have you.'

Just the other day, Cynthia celebrated Mike Hill ‘s firstborn’s birthday.

Here's the message that she shared for Ashlee Hill’s anniversary in order to mark the important event.

'Screaming “Happy Birthday” to my beautiful, smart, artistic, talented & sweet bonus daughter @aaashlee, @itsmikehill firstborn. Don’t sleep on this regal lioness, she is quiet but knows her power & is unapologetically who she is, and owns it! It’s Leo season y’all, give this young queen some birthday love. Enjoy your special day!'


Lots of fans also wished her the best.

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