Cynthia Bailey Shows Fans What She Did For The First Time

Cynthia Bailey Shows Fans What She Did For The First Time
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Cynthia Bailey is showing her fans and followers what she recently did for the very first time. Check out her pics here.

'“this was a first for me but will not be a last. was a little nervous bit I did it!”🇯🇲' Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I can see the nerves in pic 2 😂 How fun!' and someone else said: 'It looks fun Mrs. Hill; I love that you are living life to the fullest.'

One other follower said: 'Best exercise there is besides swimming! Been riding all my life ❤️' and one other follower said: 'Hubby & I did that in JA SO much fun - go Cynth!!❤️'

One commenter said: 'Was just there a week ago - enjoy', and someone else said: 'I loved it!! Guys yall remember this @traysimone @fraserwife @coconutgrove4.'

A fan said: 'The best cant wait to do it again 🔥', and someone else posted this: 'We used the same company when we did this. So much fun, and yes, @cynthiabailey, it was a little scary for me too!'

One other follower said: 'That looks awesome. Don’t b scared. Horses better than some people. They won’t hurt you ❤️', and one other commenter said: 'Same!! It was fun until the horse In Front of me pooped, and it was all on my leg in the water.'

A fan posted this: 'From the looks of the second pic, you look “VERY” nervous. Not a little! 😂'

Just the other day, it's been revealed that Cynthia Bailey   shared a question on her social media account for fans about the pandemic. Check out what she had to say in the message below.


'“now that the vaccine is available to everyone, do you guys think we will continue to work from home when the pandemic is over?”' Cynthia captioned her post.

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