Cynthia Bailey Shares Travel Advice Amidst The Pandemic

Cynthia Bailey Shares Travel Advice Amidst The Pandemic
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Cynthia Bailey shared some really useful advice for traveling amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Check out the detailed post that she shared on her social media account.

'@itsmikehill ✈️ thanks for my mask @mcworiginal_1 #supportblackownedbusinesses You guys asked 4 some travel tips & advice so here u go! I have only flown to Atlanta & LA. No idea about international flights. I mostly fly @delta so my info & experiences are Delta-based only,' Cynthia began her message.

She continued and told fans: '1. Eat before you head out. Not all the restaurant’s in the airport are open. Limited selection. On the flight they do not serve food or drinks. I received a zip loc bag of almonds, a KIND whole grain bar & a small bottle of water. They also offered a snack box with hummus & crackers. Not sure what they are offering in coach. Would suggest u bring your own snack from home & buy a bottle of water in the airport. 2. Travel with your own and sanitizer wipes and mask. There are hand sanitizer machines throughout the airport & they also give u a small Purell packet when u board your flight.'

Cynthia also said that '3. Although the traffic is not that heavy, give yourself enough time to get to the airport. There has been a lot of cutbacks, so quite a few of the counters are closed. Found out this morning at ATL airport, that SKY PRIORITY is no longer available. 4. People are starting to travel again, so give yourself time to check-in. ATL Airport was kinda busy this morning. The lines insecurity are still pretty clear & move quickly. 5. I travel with gloves. All the airport workers & flight attendants are wearing gloves. I sanitize them frequently while I am wearing them.'

Cynthia also said that people have to wear the mask during the whole flight: '6. I always sanitize my seat & the entire area.
7. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR YOUR MASK THE ENTIRE FLIGHT! 8. So far, no one has been seated next to me. The flights have not been that full so if someone is seated next to u, more than likely, you can move to an empty row.
That’s all I can think of right now if I forgot something, ask me in my comments & I will respond.'

Someone asked her the following question: 'Hey Cynthia, my name is David. How many people are allowed on the flight? Safe travels you and your family more blessings.'

She responded: 'I’m not really sure, but my flight was not full, and for the most part, no one was seated next to each other.'

People really appreciated this post that Cynthia made.

Other than this, Cynthia recently reposted what the Rolling Stone magazine has to say about the BLM movement .

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