Cynthia Bailey Shares The 'Best Cellar Alert' With Her Fans - Read All The Details

Cynthia Bailey Shares The 'Best Cellar Alert' With Her Fans - Read All The Details
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Cynthia Bailey shared a new message on her social media account and it's about wine, one of her favorite subjects. With this post, she managed to make her fans excited and you can also check out the message below.

'BEST-CELLAR ALERT!!! Wanted to share my favorite California Rosé with you. JNSQ Rosé Cru is summer in a glass, anytime of the year. Not too sweet, but never bitter, this grenache-forward Rosé is clean & aromatic with a touch of strawberry & hints of Bing cherry. The dynamic flavors are accented with savory herbal & white floral notes that make it crisp & elegant, perfect for sipping by the pool, serving at a barbecue, or toasting over a candlelit dinner. It’s balanced, refreshing, and versatile. I love to pair it with fish or a delicious summer salad,' Cynthia began her message.

She continued and said: 'This is my number one “go to” to gift for any occasion. The bottle is so beautiful that you don’t want to throw it away after it’s done. Swipe left for some of the cool things that you can do with your bottle after you empty it. I’m obsessed!!!
Stop by @thebaileywinecellar today to pick up a bottle for you, and a gift for a friend. We are also offering curbside pick up if you want to call in your order, and we will bring it to your car. Btw- JNSQ stands for 'je ne sais quoi', translating from French to mean a certain intangible attribute of a person or object that gives it its spark✨'

Check out the complete message in Cynthia's post.

A follower said: 'I live right around the corner from Grant Park.... I’ll stop by this week. Are y’all still giving wine tasting?'

Cynthia hopped in the comments and responded with: 'I will be there on Friday after 3pm!!! come thru😘'

Another commenter posted this: 'Thanks for sharing. By the way very well 👏🏿 spoken. I'm sure Kendra Moore would be amazed. I will definitely try this. You have sold me on it.'

A fan said: 'The bottle looks like a perfume bottle, so beautifully designed.. will taste some one day.

A follower wrote: 'Just the bottle alone, makes you want to purchase!! Sounds like a winner, and @cynthiabailey10 you advertise very well Beautiful Lady(my friend in my head).'

In other news, Cynthia told her fans once again that the Bailey Wine Cellar is now happily waiting for clients, and she shared some pics with her sister, Mal.

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