Cynthia Bailey Shares Some Positive Vibes With Her Fans - Check Out The Message She Posted

Cynthia Bailey Shares Some Positive Vibes With Her Fans - Check Out The Message She Posted
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Cynthia Bailey thought that her fans are much too stressed, and she wants to show them some good things that are going on these days as well. Everyone's stressed these days and everyday lives are governed by fear and uncertainty.

Check out the motivational message that Cynthia posted:

A commenter said: 'That’s one way to look it at. And it is positive. But let’s not turn our heads from those who are less privileged, in abusive homes, missed hugs, losing loved ones, or those dying alone. Stay positive, but keep helping where you can, too! 🙏'

Someone else posted: 'I love you Cynthia but everywhere ain’t peaches. I just had a whole family killed in Milwaukee at 10:30 am. Prayers and love. Corona ain’t stop nothing here.'

Cynthia also shared a black and white photo featuring herself on social media.

'I love black & white photos. I just found this is my photo album! Appreciating looking back at the good ol’ days. will never take even the smallest of things for granted again. no idea who I was talking to but apparently I was quite tickled lol! I SPY @shamaridevoe & @bigrondevoe all boo’ed up. I love it😘🙏🏽#motivationmonday,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Other than this, Cynthia recently advertised Mike Hill's burgers and this had people believing that the couple is preparing a new business.

Cynthia told her fans that she’s been hearing a lot about Mike Hill’s burgers, but until now, she’s never tried them. She shared a video on her social media account in which she’s finally having a bite.

‘Opps! My previous post was supposed to be this video🤣If I can’t go somewhere other than my backyard, Costco, Walmart & Target by June, I will no longer be taking responsibility for my actions, state of mind, and what I post on my IG lol. Stay healthy everyone,' she captioned her post.

Lots of fans said that Mike is probably thinking about opening a new business.

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