Cynthia Bailey Shares Her Thoughts On Kim Zolciak Possibly Returning To ‘RHOA’

Cynthia Bailey Shares Her Thoughts On Kim Zolciak Possibly Returning To ‘RHOA’
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Amid speculation about Kim Zolciak possibly going back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey shared her opinion about that happening during a new interview. As it turns out, she has nothing against it!

Cynthia explained that as far as she is concerned, she’s happy with whatever decision is ‘good for the show.’

The reality TV celeb had a chat with HollywoodLife on IG Live since she’s still in quarantine just as everyone else.

During the interview, she also revealed her thoughts on Kim Zolciak perhaps coming back on RHOA, making it very clear that ‘I’m for whatever’s going to be good for the show. I don’t have a relationship with Kim. Whenever she’s in and out of the show I’ve never filmed with Kim unless she’s in a group situation, so I don’t really know Kim that well to be honest. I just know her from the show and in group scenes.’

As for them filming together in the past when Kim was still part of the show, Cynthia stated that ‘We’ve never done anything one on one before. If it’s good for the show — I like the cast that we have right now personally, but if she can bring something to the show, bring it.’

But Cynthia just hopes that even if Kim comes back on the show, she would not start any drama with her.

‘I just hope she don’t come over and bother me. Leave me alone because I’m getting married and I’m going to be happy, OK,’ she joked.

The rumors about Kim’s return started to go around after Kim herself expressed interest in the job.

However, she did mention she had some ‘ stipulations ’ for that to happen so at least it’s clear that she is not desperate to be back but would also not say no if they offered her what she wanted.


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