Cynthia Bailey Shares A New Confessional Look - Check It Out Here

Cynthia Bailey Shares A New Confessional Look - Check It Out Here
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Cynthia Bailey shares a new look for her RHOA confessional and impresses fans. Check out the pic below.

'new confessional look & new episode of the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA tonight! emotional episode for me. #familymatters @bravotv 8pmEST Glam: @jtavar_ & @iambarbielee' Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Stunning stunt on everyone Goldilocks 🙏🏾' and another follwoer said: 'Yess, Honey I see that weight loss coming through for the bday. Marriage looks good on you. 😍😍😍'

One other follower said: 'Marriage has really changed you, you seem to be glowing a lot more than before.'

One follower said: 'Pretty pretty inside and out I believe never met you but I feel that,' and somoene else said: 'Unfortunately Cynt @cynthiabailey you were in a position about your I understand both sides..because my Dad did harm to my mom as well, unfortunately he is deceased and I wish he was still here at times..glad you still have yours to even have a relationship or try....I loved him dearly because he was my dad..the bad things he did to Mom..she handled it for her sanity...and we had a very different relationship separate from theirs...this is very hard..because on one hand, you don't want to place your mom who raised you and sacrificed her life for her children in an uncomfortable position, but on the hand, He is still your Dad and from you even wanting to include him tells me you Love him...we all need to work on forgiveness and in this case, your Mom has to work on that..but nobody can tell her how long it will take and the reality is it may never happen..wishing you all luck in your healing...❤️'

Someone else said: 'Baby, you've lost a lot of weight in your face. Still beautiful 😍'


In other news, Cynthia Bailey  praised  Michelle Obama  for her birthday and posted an emotional message on her social media account.

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