Cynthia Bailey Says That NeNe Leakes' Husband Gregg's Cancer Diagnosis And Battle Was 'A Wake-up Call To All Of Us'

Cynthia Bailey Says That NeNe Leakes' Husband Gregg's Cancer Diagnosis And Battle Was 'A Wake-up Call To All Of Us'

This season of RHOA saw NeNe Leakes and her husband Gregg Leakes having what is probably the hardest times of their lives. As you all know, Gregg has been battling cancer, and after having surgery, he did not want to have to go through chemo.

Everyone on RHOA genuinely loves Gregg, regardless of their issues with NeNe and all the stars on the show were in shock when they heard the news.

Cynthia Bailey is one of NeNe's oldest pals on this show, and she opened up for the Daily Dish during a December interview about Gregg's severe health issues.

'When Gregg got diagnosed with cancer, it really affected everyone that was close to [him and Nene]. It just kind of came out of nowhere,' Cynthia said back then.

She continued and stated 'You know, from that point on, Nene’s life changed.'

It's true that NeNe's life has changed a lot since then and she has been having a tough time. Who knows what's like to be a caretaker definitely understands.

'I knew she just had to go through her little process, and me knowing her, I was just ready, just available for whenever she needed me to be there for her because she’s not the kind of girl that wants to be saved,'Cynthia explained.

She continued and said 'I’m there, and I do respect their space, and I respect their time because it’s a life change. I mean, I can’t imagine going through what they’re going through. So I’m just here for them as a friend.'

Cynthia has been really close to both NeNe and Gregg during this horrible period of their lives.

Someone asked Cynthia 'Shouldn't they have gone ahead with the chemo? 😩Just to ensure they killed the possible microscopic cancer cells. 🙏🏽'

Another person said 'It’s good that he has Nene as his rock. She is doing a great job being strong ❤️'

Despite all of her problems, NeNe has been really busy these days, according to her announcements on her social media account.

Just recently, she revealed to her fans that she plans to give back by  helping some really lucky entrepreneurs .


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