Cynthia Bailey Says She's ‘Optimistic’ Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley Will Reunite - Here's Why!

Cynthia Bailey Says She's ‘Optimistic’ Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley Will Reunite - Here's Why!
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While chatting with HollywoodLife, Cynthia Bailey told the news outlet that she is still optimistic Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley will end up getting back together following their shocking split. In fact, she hopes they will even take the next step in their relationship and get married!

As fans remember, sometime at the end of May, Porsha and Dennis broke their engagement but, ever since, Cynthia has been rooting for the two to rekindle their romance.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star believes they are just a really good ‘fit’ together, despite their differences.

So, when asked if she believes Porsha and Dennis still have a future together, the answer was short but to the point: ‘I’m optimistic.’

And since they originally had a New Year’s Eve wedding planned, Cynthia thinks they will go through with it as well!

‘I’m rooting for her and Dennis to work it out and we can have that wedding as well. I’m looking very forward to that. They have this beautiful baby together and I don’t know, I just want to get around the two of them. They just feel like a good fit to me. That’s just my opinion. I think they just feel right together to me, but that’s not up to me. It’s up to them, but I’m optimistic that they’re going to work it out,’ she explained.

Porsha is a new mother as well and while she is busy taking care of 5 month old Pilar Jhena and also filming for RHOA’s season 12, Cynthia updated fans on her life, saying that Porsha is ‘doing great.’

She added that ‘Pilar is so sweet and so cute. I pray that they both get out, but she seems really happy and I’m really happy for her. And, she’s been very supportive of me and of hashtag Chill so I wish nothing but the best for Porsha.’


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