Cynthia Bailey Reveals Which Of Her RHOA Co-Stars She Would Quarantine With

Cynthia Bailey Reveals Which Of Her RHOA Co-Stars She Would Quarantine With
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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey knows exactly what she wants from a quarantine partner in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 53-year-old says that when it comes to being locked down with someone, they need to have the proper eating habits. And, she recently dished on which one of her RHOA co-stars would fit the bill.

While speaking with Us Weekly for their Quarantine Confessions video segment, Bailey said that her top choice for a co-star she would quarantine with is Kandi Burruss because “she likes to eat.”

“She would make sure we had plenty of food and snacks,” explained Bailey.

The Bailey Wine Cellar owner also shared some of her own quarantine habits during the coronavirus lockdown, admitting that she has gone two days without a shower or washing her hair. She also admitted that she “moved past wine a long time ago,” and is now enjoying vodka and tequila.

“I usually have a drink when I get ready to watch a movie,” dished the Alabama native. “Honestly [I have] some kind of cocktail, if not every day, definitely, every other day. I’m pretty consistent.”

Bailey says that during the past three months, she has split her time between her home in Atlanta and her fiance Mike Hill’s home in Los Angeles. Bailey says that she and Hill have been enjoying “car dates,” where they plug in a premade playlist and “drive around for like an hour.” The mom-of-one added that they sometimes drive into Beverly Hills, and then look around a little bit before driving back home.

“I know this is crazy, I actually even get dressed up for it — to make myself feel like I’m actually going somewhere,” admitted Bailey.

The Bravolebrity also revealed that she’s been taking some time for herself in the middle of the pandemic, and she has been “enjoying not doing that much.” Bailey explained that she is “always” doing stuff, and when this pandemic is over she predicts she will be “busy as hell.”

Cynthia Bailey says that everything in her life has been postponed for two months, and she is sure she will be bombarded with all of her prior obligations and activities when everything opens back up.

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