Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Wishes On Social Media - Check Out What She Says About Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Wishes On Social Media - Check Out What She Says About Mike Hill
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Cynthia Bailey reveals her wishes on social media these days. Check out her lengthy message and what she has to say about Mike Hill .

These two recently got married, and their fans could not be happier for the couple.

'I just want to create, have a few good real friends, laugh every day, make money, get closer to God, say NO more, stay healthy, get 8 hours a sleep a night, be inspired by great people, our girls to continue to flourish, peace & equality, love, a margarita on the rocks with light salt & not too sweet, continuous great sex, travel the world, justice, learn to play chess, finish watching Bridgerton on Netflix, my butt to stay big but my stomach to be flatter, learn how to make sushi, meditate, my edges to continue to grow back in, work out, do yoga, be a loving & supportive wife, move my mom closer in town, organize my house from top to bottom, covid19 to go away forever, help others, do more acting work, not entertain negativity & bs, grow my eyelashes back, and to look up in this mans face every day! What I miss? @itsmikehill #happysaturday #CHill #headoverheels #2021 #missingmymike #3monthanniversary hair: tips by @gailhudson tan & glow: @romarleybeachhouse' Cynthia captioned her post.

Mike hopped in the comments and said: 'Let’s do it all & more. Whatever you want, whenever you want it! I’ll ensure it happens. Your ultimate happiness is my desire, baby!! I love you!!'

Someone else posted this: 'Nice pic! You already know I’m partial to the less is more look (:! You both look great!!'

Shamea Morton said: 'Cute pic but the caption everything! I pray you to get everything you want, need, and deserve.🙏🏾'


Not too long ago, Cynthia Bailey  shared a message on her social media account from  Kamala Harris . You can check it out. 

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