Cynthia Bailey Reposts Mike Hill's Photo And Gets Fans Emotional

Cynthia Bailey Reposts Mike Hill's Photo And Gets Fans Emotional
Credit: BET

Cynthia Bailey reported a photo that Mike Hill had previously posted on his socialmedia account. Check it out below, and you will understand why fans became emotional when seeing it.

'#repost @itsmikehill Powerful. #SayTheirNames by @kadirnelson in the @newyorkermag WE MUST KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING. Thanks @itsmikehill for posting🤎' Cynthia captioned the post.

The post triggered a massive debate in the comments with some people praising Floyd and others saying that he should not be transformed into some kind of martyr.

Someone said: 'This is crazy last 10 years he spent more than 8 years of in prison and when he was killed he was high on Fentanyl even though he was handcuffed he gets more reverence than Martin Luther King unbelievable PS all lives matter.'

A follower posted this: 'Well, she has close to 3 million followers and not even 3,000 likes for this post... so, there’s that.'

Someone else wrote: 'every time a black man kills a white person, white people should riot, loot and burn black neighborhood .wait a minute, black neighborhood are already looted and burned.'

One other follower said: 'My soul is starting to feel numb. I hate this. I just don’t understand all the hate. Peaceful I understand. Lynching I do not.'

A commenter said: 'What’s missing from here is a felon, held a pregnant woman at gunpoint. Black lives matter, white lives matter, All lives matter. Don’t do a crime and maybe you won’t get hurt.'

Other than this, Cynthia shared a photo featuring Barack Obama, and Michelle and fans were in awe, saying that he’ll forever be their president.

Apart from that, she also posted an important message  for her social media followers and fans. You should check out the recent post that she shared on her IG in which she’s telling people to fight the good fight until the end.


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