Cynthia Bailey Publicly Proclaims Her Love For Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey Publicly Proclaims Her Love For Mike Hill
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Cynthia Bailey shared some really amazing pics featuring herself and Mike Hill. In the caption of this recent post that includes the pics, she made sure to proclaim her love for this man. Check out her post that she shared on her social media account.

Just the other day, Cynthia shared a photo on her social media account in which she’s with more inspirational women.

She told her fans that she had a lot to learn from these ladies during an empowerment tour panel in Miami.

Here's Cynthia's post with Mike Hill:

'“we are not perfect, but are perfect for each other.”🤍 my fave pics of us, you get the best pics when you don’t realize that you’re being photographed. everything is not always 🖤 & 🤍. @itsmikehill #CHill #2020 #godsplan,' Cynthia captioned her post.

A fan said: 'You are going to make it. I see nothing but love,' and a commenter said: 'I see the love when y’all look at each other. You both deserve happiness. Love you both. ♥️❤️❤️'

Someone else told Cynthia: 'I really like him for you. You look so much happier,' and another fan posted this: 'Exactly. I think it was very brave of Mike to Open up his life to the cameras. I think you to make a great couple. Have no fear, Cynthia just remain in prayer.'

One other follower posted: 'Tigers don’t change their stripes. His defensiveness was a red flag. Best of luck, though. We all want to see you in a good relationship.'

A fan told Cynthia: '@cynthiabailey10 you guys are my favorite couple! I love the way he makes you smile & I love how he wants to make sure you are good😘 #blacklove,' and another follower wrote this: 'Absolutely beautiful. You deserve to be loved like this. God bless.'

As you can see, Cynthia is living her best life these days, and fans could not be happier.

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