Cynthia Bailey Praises Kandi Burruss And Kenya Moore - See Her Pics With The RHOA Ladies

Cynthia Bailey Praises Kandi Burruss And Kenya Moore - See Her Pics With The RHOA Ladies
Credit: BET

Cynthia Bailey shared a couple of pics in which she's together with Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore. Cynthia calls the two RHOA ladies her Ks. Check out her post below.

Cynthia made headlines not too long ago when she posted a photo on her social media account. It’s a throwback pic in which she’s together with Rihanna, and the two ladies look divine.

Her fans and followers made sure to praise both boss ladies .

Her fans addressed the most recent RHOA episode in which people could see more of Kenya Moore and Marc Daly's relationship.

Someone said: 'I just finished watching this newest episode and oh my god Marc is ridiculous. I feel so bad for Kenya, but at the same time, girl you in everyone else business and relationships when you should have been trying to fix your own. That guy has been distant from the first episode.'

One other follower said: 'Probably the most uncomfortable episode I’ve sat through watching Marc disrespecting poor Kenya!!'

A commenter posted this: 'Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss I really like y'all but why do you ride with Kenya when she's wrong? you don't stand against things she said, at least call her out. You don't hold a balanced relationship of loyalty to either one of those ladies when it comes down to her doing wrong.'

A follower told Cynthia, 'Be very careful Cynthia...Kenya needs company on Miserable Island.'

Someone else also felt sorry for Kenya and said: 'Poor Kenya. I'm praying she stands in her power. You don't need a husband to validate your existence or worth.'

Another follower posted this: 'Thanks again Cynthia and KANDI, for being a loyal friend to Kenya. This episode was sad, it made me cry. How can you make fun of someone in pain? may GOD continue to bless you and your family.'

Have you seen the most recent RHOA episode?


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