Cynthia Bailey Poses With A Llama At Lake Bailey On The Hill And Fans Cannot Stop Laughing

Cynthia Bailey Poses With A Llama At Lake Bailey On The Hill And Fans Cannot Stop Laughing
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Cynthia Bailey shared a photo featuring a llama at her Lake Bailey on the Hill and fans cannot have enough of this funny image. Check out the pic that she recently dropped on her social media account.

A follower said: 'Sis, you scared? lol! Leanin' in...from afar,' and someone else posted this: 'Hi Mrs Hill, do you think you and Nene will ever be best friends again? I loved your relationship.'

Someone else said: 'That near that place in Miami that winning meant to the Cavs & Me & I forgot it; guess the housing not that important. LOVE IS HUMANS ARE.'

A commenter posted this: 'Make a coat sweater hat gloves socks throw blanket slippers shoes boots leggings mittens purses ear muffs hand muffs rugs dresses afghans shawls frame some for hanging ❤️❤. These are alpacas, right?'

Another follower said: 'This is so nice, would love to do this with my daughter and friends one holiday season, looks like so much fun.'

Someone else posted this: 'Ok they hadn’t posted a holiday photo the Llama 🦙 must be included ok #chill.'

A commenter said: 'Okay Cynthia, what's going on with the happy holidays stay safe and blessed.'

Someone else posted this: 'The llama needs to go see @dr_heavenly about his teeth! She will fix him right on up 😂😂😂.'

Not too long ago,   Cynthia Bailey  went to the movies during the pandemic, and some fans consider this bravery and make sure to praise Cynthia in the comments.

Others are  slamming her  for this gesture.

Also, in other recent news, Cynthia Bailey  shared a new photo on her social media account, which has her fans in awe. She could not look happier, and fans are here for her achievements.


Cynthia is living her best life with Mike Hill these days ahead of the holidays, and she really seems to be the happiest ever.

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