Cynthia Bailey Keeps Fans Updated On Her Quarantine Life - Check Out Some Motivational Videos She Posted

Cynthia Bailey Keeps Fans Updated On Her Quarantine Life - Check Out Some Motivational Videos She Posted
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Cynthia Bailey has been keeping her fans updated on how's life during this quarantine. She's been walking three miles once or twice per day, and she said that since she's been doing this, she feels amazing.

Take a look at a few clips that she shared on her social media account and managed to uplift her fans.

'3 mile power walk💪🏽I am committing myself to exercising more going forward during the quarantine. I’m so over sleeping in & want to be more productive. I found that my 3 mile power walks have been a great spiritual, physical & mental reboot for me to take time for myself to clear my head and stay focused. I highly recommend😘' Cynthia captioned her post.

She shared another video with one more walk and she captioned the clip with the following words:

'decided to walk another 3 miles late this evening. all the beautiful flowers in the neighborhood really caught my eye so i took pictures of them to share with you guys. funny how i never really took much notice before. looking at them made me think about God & how beautiful he can make something so simple as a flower. don’t let me mess around & find out i can be a flower photographer lol. what y’all thaink? yep, may just go ahead & put that in my bio😜' Cynthia wrote.

A follower praised the photos that Cynthia was able to take and said: 'Great pic of your neighborhood sedum! Great plants for container gardening! Might look really nice on those decks at Lake Bailey! Just sayin!'

Someone else posted this message: 'Cynthia, you did an excellent job the pictures are stunning.'

Cynthia shared a few thoughts about negativity all more issues that can hold one back.

'Be Consistent & Stay Focused If anyone truly knows me they know that I haven’t always made myself a priority. I have decided to commit & dedicate myself to focusing on happiness, health & self-wellness. If this quarantine has taught me anything, it is that life is too short & we should never take anything or anyone for granted. I am all the way woke & I get it. It took a minute, but now I get it. No more distractions, negativity, procrastination & sabotage. The real work starts with me. Everyone else’s journey is theirs. I’m ready. Refocused & stronger than ever💪🏽@glowskinenhancement got my glow on!' she told her fans.

People are praising Cynthia, and they're really grateful for her uplifting videos.

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