Cynthia Bailey Has The Classiest Message For A Person Who Shaded Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey Has The Classiest Message For A Person Who Shaded Mike Hill
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Cynthia Bailey has been publicly praising Mike Hill lately, and now she shared another fresh photo featuring the two of them. She also made sure to pen an emotional message that you can check out below.

A follower really felt the need to post a comment through which they shaded Mike.

'been on lockdown (literally lol) with my bestie @itsmikehill for three months now, and he still has the key to my cell, I mean heart lol.🔐☀️ #quarantinelife #CHill #prisonersoflove #lifesentence #dropsthesoaplol #prisonbodies' Cynthia captioned her post.

The shady follower said: 'Mike's gonna lose his hair soon.....yall better hurry up and get married before that kicks shade ... I just see his hairline ...kinda obvious you Cynthia.'

Cynthia responded with this classy message: '@eyez_open_ray yeah he is holding on to it chile but I will still love him regardless😂❤️'

Her diehard fans did not like what the person had to point out and defended Cynthia and Mike, bashing the commenter.

A follower said: 'And her responses are ever so classy!😉they really are. I would’ve been blown a gasket by now. Lbvs I don’t know why we feel the need to say things to people online that we know we wouldn’t say in person. Smh.'

The previous commenter said that 'it wasn't shade ...but he is marrying a world beloved model....I'm sure lots of people are thinking it ....and saying it behind their backs ....and she lives an honest life I did appreciate her laughing about it ...cuz it wasn't that deep yall...lots of men thin or go bald ....and Cynthia is very beautiful .....we all know that ...nothing shady ...just a friendly lil shade.'

Another fan said: 'so then, yes, it Was Shade. It’s just not needed. Too much going on in the world right now for you to be commenting about her man’s thinning hair. I guess my issue is I don’t understand why we have to shine a light on people’s challenges. Of all the things to say about this beautiful King & want to talk about his thinning hair???'

The other day, Cynthia made her fans happy when she revealed to her fans and IG followers the new deal that she just sealed. People are really proud of her, and they made sure to congratulate her.

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