Cynthia Bailey Has Fans Freaking Out From The Hospital Bed - Check Out Her Pics!

Cynthia Bailey Has Fans Freaking Out From The Hospital Bed - Check Out Her Pics!
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Cynthia Bailey might have given a scare to some of her fans these days when she shared some pics from a hospital bed. Check out the post and the important message she shared on her social media account.

'HEALTH & WELLNESS CHECK UP:✨ I just celebrated another birthday (thank you, Jesus, for letting me see another one, “Cynthia54”), and as I get older, my health is more & more a huge priority in my life. Got my first colonoscopy the other day. I was a little nervous although thankfully colon cancer does not run in my family. I am happy to report that there were no issues, and my colon is fine!' Cynthia wrote.

She continued and said: 'Of course, like most people, the hardest part for me was the colonoscopy prep work. I won’t go into detail (cause y’all know I will, lol), but let’s just say I am “beyond excited” to cross it off my list of things to DO list, no pun intended! I just wanted to share because I want to encourage you guys to stay on top of your health, (regardless of your age), and get all your annual checkups.'

Cynthia also said: 'CONFESSION TIME: I got behind on mine, and then COVID 19 happened to the world & I had to cancel most of my appointments. Now that the doctor offices have mostly opened back up, I am diligently making sure I get back on top of it. Thank you to my shady assistant @captainchan__ for basically becoming a colonoscopy expert and making sure I drank all my liquids, followed all of the instructions & did not eat ANYTHING the night before. He even gave me an award cake after (swipe left to see the cake his ass taped up & hid from me), which after fasting was the most ‘amazing experience’ of my life. I happily ate the whole thing, and did not share. So long story short (well long in this case), showing your ass sometimes is a good thing lol! If you are the recommended age, schedule your butt a colonoscopy today!💪🏽'

'FYI- I personally did not think the wheelchair was necessary, but my nurse basically told me the only way I was leaving was in it, so since I was starving & this woman was not playing no games with me, I got my butt in the wheelchair! Shout out to all the nurses & doctors that took care of me, (and everyone else)! Thank you for all you do!❤️#colonoscopy #healthiswealth #cynthia54' Cynthia concluded.

Someone said: '👏 I love the positive messaging you share with the world Cyn ❤️ #healthiswealth,' and a commenter said: 'Cynthia, you’re 4 years late on the test, I had mine done at 50, and we are the same age.'

A follower said: 'Glad you’re sharing your story, so many people follow you. You are an inspiration!'


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