Cynthia Bailey Has A Useful Message For Her Fans About Credit And Credit Scores

Cynthia Bailey Has A Useful Message For Her Fans About Credit And Credit Scores
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Cynthia Bailey decided to hop on social media and post a message for her fans amidst the economic crisis that the world is going through these days. According to more analysts, things will get worse, as the number of coronavirus cases is surging all over the world.

Anyway, Cynthia talks about credit and credit scores in the post below:

'I know some of you guys have probably already heard me speak about my Credit Guru Malik Davis on my IG before, but I really want to make sure those who hadn’t know that it’s important to make sure your credit & credit scores are in order. I know for myself with the stock markets being unpredictable, and the economy being unstable that we may be getting ready to experience some troubling times financially. With that said, if you’re having any issues with your credit & or credit scores, now is the time to take it seriously. Check out Malik Davis, my credit Guru @malikdavis211! #breakthechains #goodcreditmatters,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said that 'A lot of jobs, insurance companies, banks and etc look at your credit score. To determine if they should hire u, give u a low price, or a low-interest rate, or give you a loan.'

One follower said: 'Real talk Ya have to hook me up with that imma send my email to Ya. Cuz I'm serious! I need my credit fix! Thanks!'

One other commenter has another type of curiosity and posted this: '@cynthiabailey10. I love your watch that you wear on the show. Who is your watch made by?'

Cynthia answered that her watch is by Cartier and the fan offered their gratitude: '@cynthiabailey10 Thank you so much for responding!!! I really appreciate it. Love you on RHOA!!!!'

Other than this, Cynthia impressed her fans not too long ago with a gorgeous outfit that she chose to wear at WWHL .

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