Cynthia Bailey Graces The Cover Of The January Edition Of Empower Magazine

Cynthia Bailey Graces The Cover Of The January Edition Of Empower Magazine
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Cynthia Bailey proudly shared with her fans and followers the cover of the January edition of Empower magazine which features her. Here's the post on Instagram.

'All about anything & everything that has to do with empowerment. Especially women empowerment! Thank you @empowerinc_ magazine for allowing me to grace your cover💙' Cynthia captioned her photo.

Someone gushed over her and said '@cynthiabailey10 You are doing an amazing job empowering other women indeed. Thank you.'

Another follower posted 'Do [email protected]😍 let me know when y’all are ready to look for that next home in ATLANTA ❤️.'

One supporter told Cynthia that it's refreshing to see her taking control of her own life:

'Take notice people: Cynthia Bailey is redefining herself on her own terms. I know who you are from your modeling days, and I know it is because of the show you have even more fans. I am the same age as you, with a daughter, and trying to redefine myself, career, and continue to grow spiritually. It is not only inspiring, but also refreshing to see you take control of your life. Just remember Balance. As hard as it is to do, feed yourself first. Easier said than done.😃😉'

Someone else also gushed over her and said 'Cynthia Bailey, you are such an inspiration! Keep shining. I love seeing how beautiful and happy you are. You just keep getting better!'

In other news, during a recent appearance on  Watch What Happens Live,  a caller asked if Cynthia and her BF were going to get married and if they would ever live in the same city.

Cynthia answered 'yes' to both questions.

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