Cynthia Bailey Drops Useful Advice For Fans - Check It Out Here

Cynthia Bailey Drops Useful Advice For Fans - Check It Out Here
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Cynthia Bailey shared useful advice for fans and people are definitely here for it. Check out what she had to say below.

'“The Kings daughter is all glorious within”👑' a fan said.

Someone else posted this: 'I never seen your feet before but them thangs sexy so sexy 👅' and a commenter said: 'From Watching your journey on RHOA; it’s so good to see you genuinely happy @cynthiabailey. You’re truly at peace and happy in life and it shows hun tea❤️❤️❤️❤️'

A fan posted this: 'Give it to them! Let me get @shaniceonline to see this' and a fan said: 'you look amazing!'

A follower brought up Porsha Williams: 'You FLIP-FLOPPED on Porsha just like I thought you would.. I don't know why that girl keeps thinking that yaaal mean her well by forgiving over and over when ALL OF YOU RHOA LADIES are just JEALOUS OF PORSHA... Hope they don't bring yo FlipFlopoing Asssshhhh back next season 😒😒'

Someone else said: 'Tall brown sugar supermodel with cake ❤️🔥😍😍' and a follower said: 'Cynthia I followed you guys forever, with all up’s and down’s you shown us , when I saw you all was for Joe Biden lol I knew then that HSE wives was paid to promote this man, well how do you feel now abt that, the truth about his crime family a fact he did a speech in 80’s about black ppl, you really need to research what you are advocating for, his linked to so many hideous crimes with China etc , is that what your freedom stood for? Really you celebs live on the cuckoo, you don’t even know who you was voting for in your beautiful country, lies that told about Trump is massive, how gullible are you lit really @porsha4real @thekenyamoore all those endorsed those Pedo loving SOB.'


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