Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Clashed Over COVID Wedding In RHOA Premiere: 'Do You Want A Marriage Or A Wedding?'

Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Clashed Over COVID Wedding In RHOA Premiere: 'Do You Want A Marriage Or A Wedding?'
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Cynthia Bailey had her perfect nuptial date planned out like many others in 2020. That was until COVID hit and stayed around a lot longer than originally thought.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered with a heavier-toned episode set around the social unrest that erupted after the murder of George Floyd. Between those important clips, the ladies painted a picture of where they were in their lives.

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Cynthia and Mike returned to Atlanta after being quarantined in LA where their relationship was definitely tested by the tight space and endless hours together.

Now that the country is off lockdown, they want to start planning their October wedding.

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While Cynthia is focused on having her perfect wedding -- Mike just wants to be married.

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'I have been married before. Like, I don't have that good of a memory of my last wedding. It was just a lot of drama from financially. Some of the people that were there weren't supportive — basically haters,' she explains of her wedding to Peter.

However, Mike wants to know if he is enough and Cynthia's hesitance worries him.

The supermodel assures him that he's more than enough but she feels she deserves her happily ever after with all of the fixings.

'To me, if 10/10/20 is our perfect date, things are going to be opened up and we'll be able to have that wedding. If it's not, then maybe we're not meant to get married 10/10/20. Maybe God is like saying, 'Hey, do it another time.'

Hill was honest about his thoughts when he responded and asked a great question.

'I'm not hearing it the way I want to hear it, I gotta be honest. I don't give a f--- about that wedding as long as I'm married to you. You've got to ask yourself: Do you want a marriage or do you really want a wedding?'


As you already know, Cynthia and Mike did have their special day although it was a lot different than she imagined it to be.

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