Cynthia Bailey Also Remembers George Floyd

Cynthia Bailey Also Remembers George Floyd
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Cynthia Bailey is among the people who remembered George Floyd . Check out the message that she reposted.

'#Repost @violadavis: "George Floyd played football in high school. He was a huge basketball fan and loved Lebron James. He was also a mentor to others in his community and a father. He was a human being. It should never be okay for a police officer to take a life,' she wrote.

Cynthia also wrote: 'Derek Chauvin's trial starts today. The trial will be broadcast live, and disinformation from Chauvin's attorneys & others will be rampant on social media. Before the world turns its eyes on MN, we take a moment to recognize the man Mr. Floyd really was."
#georgefloyd #derekchauvintrial #justiceforgeorgefloyd 🔁@colorofchange.'

Someone said: 'Go to the border and help some children!3-year-olds walking in the dark alone after a sequel assault should break everyone's heart😢but nobody says a dam thing about that! not here and not on the news!!!'

Another follower said: 'BLM The Defense trying to drag George Floyd character through the mud. The officer is #Guilty #ofmurder.'

Someone else said: 'I really hope that George Floyd does get justice and I’m happy that his family was given the settlement that they deserve! However, I’m still unhappy that Candace Owens seems to think that George Floyd was nothing but a drug attic and deserve exactly what he got!! Candace Owen should have never said that about George Floyd!! It is a disgusting thing for her to have said and she really should take it back!! But it saddens me that she probably will never do that!! #BackwardsAndInsolentCandacOwens.'

Other than this, Cynthia is living her best life with her family. She always makes sure to keep fans updated via social media.

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