Cynthia Bailey Addresses The Power Of Women

Cynthia Bailey Addresses The Power Of Women
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Cynthia Bailey is talking about the power of women. Check out the post that she recently shared on her social media account.

'“somewhere in the 🌎 working! never under estimate the power of a woman that has a mama that prays for her daily!”🎬 @barbarafmorris #motivationmonday #covered #actor #godsplan #godswillbedone,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Eva Marcille hopped in the comments and saiad: 'You are giving me Mal in this pic💕' and one other follower said: 'That is beautiful! I have the same kind of Mama! Excited to see your project! Xx'

A fan posted this: 'you look amazing!' Mike Hill hopped in the comments and said: 'Yes you ARE!! Actress and so many other beautiful, prosperous, life changing things!!!'

Someoen else said: 'Thank you baby. You know that mama is always praying and looking up. I love you. 🙏🏽😂✌️' and a commenter posted this: 'It’s my husband’s prayers for me.'

Someone else said: 'AmenAmen 🙌🏾 God Is Able❗#mymommy #wasthe #sameway R.I.P. My❤'nd one other followewr posted this: 'Yes indeed🙌🙌Always Praying for my Babies🙏🏽💯🙏🏽'

Cynthia Bailey   shares a message about encouragement. Check it out below.

'Don’t get discouraged encourage yourself... shake things that you don’t believe or receive off! Stand tall and remember that you are enough, God has plans for you of hope and a future you just have to trust the process and don’t get stuck because it didn’t work the first time! Get up and try it again,' Cynthia began.

She continued and said: 'A WHOLE WORD! These beautiful babies already get it & are learning early. Some of us grown folks might want to pay attention! Stay positive & continue to believe in God, he does not make mistakes! Happy Sunday!💫🙏🏽💫' Cynthia captioned her post.


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