Cynthia Bailey Addresses The Dangers Of Tear Gas

Cynthia Bailey Addresses The Dangers Of Tear Gas
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Cynthia Bailey re-posted a video shared by Mike Sterling/Eva Marcille which talks about the dangers of tear gas and more. Check out the post that she shared on her IG account below.

'Repost from @miketsterling Tear gas is not harmless. It is dangerous. One of my closest friends, @thankfulcliff, took his family, including his wife, five-year-old daughter (my goddaughter), his eight-year-old daughter and teenage son to pass out water to peaceful protesters less than 24 hours after an Atlanta police officer killed Rayshard Brooks by shooting him in his back. The response by Police, national guard, and possibly state troopers is to tear gas this whole family, including a five-year-old black girl without warning, without provocation, and before any verbal commands. Tear gas is not harmless. It is dangerous. You tear-gassed a five-year-old. A five-year-old. A five-year-old. Was she gonna riot? Was this man and his children creating such a danger that tear gas was justified? Justice will be done. This was an excessive and unjustified force. #blacklivesmatter THIS IS DISGUSTING! Passing out water at a protest. Come on America. This can’t happen!!! Please be careful & stay safe,' Cynthia wrote in the caption.

A follower made this point: 'Why they bring children there, anything can happen or change quickly. Need to protect our own kids.'

Someone else said: 'Why do you take children protesting period. Bad parenting period. Keep your kids at home parents!'

A commenter said: 'SMH. You DO NOT bring your kids to a protest. Have the past ones not proven that? Now here you are, upset that they were exposed to tear gas? Direct your anger to the parents.'

One other person posted this: 'Why bring kids and babies knowing what's going on then moan and moan.'

Someone else said: 'People get over all this stuff. The person at Wendy's ran from the police period. Why did he run????? Good question right. It would have happened with a white person the same thing would happen. You do not run from.police. What happened to George Floyd was totally wrong. Period.'

Another follower said: 'If you look at footage of the civil rights movement of peaceful demonstrations, you’d know that children and teenagers participated in them. Seeing children never stopped police officers from turning dogs loose or firemen from turning on the water hose!!! When you have no regard of a person because of the color of their skin then they’ll never be seen as being human.'

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