Cybil Shepherd Talks Aging Gracefully

Cybil Shepherd Talks Aging Gracefully
Credit: Source: Josie Rodriguez/Instagram

Cybil Shepherd is 70-years-old and is just as gorgeous as when she was named Miss Teenage America and then covered Glamour magazine in 1970. Now, Cybil is speaking to Closer magazine about aging gracefully. Still working, Cybil will appear in the upcoming movie Love Is Love Is Love  where she plays the role of Nancy. Many people remember Cybil for her many films and television acting roles. She was also the face of L'Oreal for many years where she would close out her commercials with "Because I'm Worth It." Some of Cybil's acting credits include the award-winning Taxi Driver , where she starred opposite Robert DeNiro and Moonlighting where she worked with Bruce Willis. Her series Cybil was a huge success and she was a regular cast member on the show The Client List.

Closer spoke to Cybil Shepherd and asked her a bit about her secrets to aging gracefully. Cybil Shepherd stated the following.

"It's empowering to know what you're worth. As you grow older, if you can enhance the way you naturally look and let your face show your history, you're bringing something real to the surface. I do feel like I'm still worth it — more than ever before."

Celebrity makeup artist Josie Rodriguez did Cybil Shepherd's makeup for Love Is Love Is Love and the look was flawless. This is a pro-aging generation and beauty is no longer just for the young. Many people now value a woman's beauty well into middle age and beyond. Some of the most successful models have now seen their careers extend into their sixties, seventies, eighties, and even nineties.

You may see several photos of Cybil Shepherd in the photo slideshow below.

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What do you think about Cybil Shepherd's views on aging gracefully? Do you agree that a woman's worth is more than how she looks when she is young but is comprised of her life experiences and how she handles them?

Do you think all women should practice self-care and maintain their beauty because they are worth it?

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