Cute Sienna Princess Picture Is A Way For Ciara And Russell Wilson To Take On Future's Negativity

Cute Sienna Princess Picture Is A Way For Ciara And Russell Wilson To Take On Future's Negativity
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After rapper Future dissed both Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara; the power couple took to social media where they posted a very sweet picture of their baby girl, Sienna Princess Wilson.

The football star used the caption to share a sweet message with his daughter. He wrote: "Anything for you. #DaddysGirl."

However, fans are focused on the baby's hair. Many claimed that just like way Beyonce did not like to comb Blue's hair, Ciara is doing the same.

One fan defended Ciara and stated: "This is dumb plenty people comb their kid's hair plenty people still have edges from getting their hair combed as kids untamed hair can pull edges out just as much from it being matted and brittle. hence why her and Blue Ivy will still have their edges when they get older."

Another follower explained: "She's so beautiful love her personality. I do follow them, but her hair is the least of my concern and the least of my business. I enjoy seeing the love and unproblematic positive black family that they exhibit and that the world needs to see. Everyone hating on this mad cause they anent got no Russell. Not even a future. They got the past. As in you raising your own babies by your self."

This person claimed: "I definitely, don’t settle sis! I was just pointing out that all women don’t deserve a Russell, be a Ciara in a world of whatever future other baby mother name is... 😂Russel Wilson makes Future look like a Deadbeat daddy."

A source told Hollywood Life that Ciara and Russell have no time for Future's silly games.

The insider said: “Russell Wilson really has no relationship with Future at all, so he is surprised by his comments. Russell treats their son just like his own and always has. The only thing that matters to Russell and Ciara are the kids, which is why they are ignoring the comments Future has made so it’s really easy for them to ignore the comments and they really aren’t surprised he’s making them.”

Ciara seems to be taking the higher road.

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  • Annette Turner
    Annette Turner Jan 28, 2019 7:40 AM PST

    I believe they are doing the right thing by ignoring future. Future probably will never settle down because he doesn't know how to keep it in his pants. Having slept with many women and having children by different women doesn't make you a man. So Future don't be jealous of Russell because he's a real man that accept and love his son. Future maybe a father but not a daddy there's a different you know. Any man can go around making babies but can he be a daddy. Moving on.

  • happy
    happy Jan 27, 2019 11:01 AM PST

    She is cute.

  • Lakisha Kelly
    Lakisha Kelly Jan 27, 2019 10:16 AM PST

    Sienna has soft hair like her daddy.😘. If future wasn't bothered by her marriage,why does he keep speaking on it? She doesn't care who you make a baby momma,if she does, she would be public speaking of it like you 🤔stop the hate

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