Cuba Gooding Junior's Sex Abuse Trial Pushed Ahead By One Month

Cuba Gooding Junior's Sex Abuse Trial Pushed Ahead By One Month
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According to a report from Page Six, Cuba Gooding Junior's sexual assault trial was postponed for another month on Tuesday in a Manhattan Court. Reportedly, issues have arisen between Cuba's lawyers and the prosecutors.

The A Few Good Men actor, who was perhaps, at the pinnacle of fame in the 1990s, looked "relaxed" as he stood before Judge Herbert Moses, the Criminal Court judge. Junior was wearing a grey suit and had Peter Toumbekis and Mark Heller on his sides.

Jenna Long, the Assistant District Attorney, claims she spoke with Cuba's lawyers and they agreed that if they began the trial on Tuesday, it wouldn't be convenient for either of them. Toumbekis rejected her comments and claimed he and his client were "ready to proceed trial today."

A 30-year-old woman accused the 51-year-old actor of touching her forcibly, supposedly squeezing her breast on the 9th of June inside the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge. Cuba has vehemently denied the allegations.

The Assistant District Attorney, Jenna Long, claims the defense attornies stopped responding to emails regarding when to start the new trial. Reportedly, Long, the ADA, subpoenaed files which included documents that would also be turned over to the defense lawyers.

Following the postponed trial, Gooding left the courthouse with his team and reportedly tried to avoid the media reporters and journalists. His attornies held a press conference near the entrance of the building. Heller, Cuba's lawyer, said the DA was unprepared to bring the case forward and added that he was confident the case would be thrown out.

While some might say the trial has been bothersome for Mr. Gooding Junior, reports indicate that he has been hanging out in the Hamptons for the summer, supposedly not worried at all about the details of the case.

Reports claim that a video appeared to show Gooding reaching over to his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, and touching a woman's breast as he stuck his arm across. It's not entirely clear what happens in the video, so viewers have to take a look at it and judge for themselves.

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