Cuba Gooding Junior Expected To Turn Himself Into Authorities For Groping Incident

Cuba Gooding Junior Expected To Turn Himself Into Authorities For Groping Incident
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According to a report from CNN, Cuba Gooding Junior will probably speak with the New York Police Department following allegations that he groped a woman in the early hours of the morning on Sunday night in Manhattan, New York.

A source who spoke with the outlet claimed the Oscar winner will be questioned regarding the complaint of a woman who accused the Jerry Maguire star of grabbing her breast while at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge this past weekend.

Reportedly, Mr. Gooding Junior told TMZ he hasn't done a thing wrong and has evidence to prove it. The actor said there is a tape which shows what "really happened," and he believes in the system; things will work out on their own.

Apparently, the woman in question said to the police she was hanging around her friends when a man who matched Cuba Gooding Junior came up to her and grabbed her. The woman claims he touched her and an argument broke out afterward.

The NYPD Manhattan Special Victims Squad is currently investigating the charges. Cuba has gotten into trouble with the authorities before. In 2012, a male bartender in New Orleans claims Gooding Junior pushed him.

An insider claims he was at the Absinthe House in the French Quarter and he became enraged when people asked to take pictures. When the barman asked Cuba Gooding Junior to calm down, he became upset and pushed him away again. Eventually, the bartender dropped all charges.

Cuba Gooding Junior came to prominence in the early 1990s with the role in John Singleton's movie, Boyz N The Hood , as well as A Few Good Men, and Jerry Maguire s tarring himself and Tom Cruise.

Three years ago, in 2016, Cuba was on the screen again to portray OJ Simpson in the FX series, The People Versus OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. He co-starred in another series on FX, American Horror Story.

While Cuba's time in the limelight has since subsided, his career has continued on many different fronts, including on Broadway as well as on the small screen.

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