Cuba Gooding Junior Appears Happy At Nets Game Amid Misconduct Trial

Cuba Gooding Junior Appears Happy At Nets Game Amid Misconduct Trial
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According to a report from, Cuba Gooding Junior was hanging out with his friend, Claudine De Niro, at the Nets-Pelicans game at Barclay's Center this past Monday night, and he didn't look too bothered by his ongoing sexual misconduct trial.

Gooding, who's fighting against sexual abuse charges from several different women, seemed completely unbothered in his sunglasses and egg-plant colored suit. Additionally, Cuba took a few photos with fans as well as with the Earth Wind and Fire bassist, Verdine White.

Last year, Gooding reportedly pinched a woman's behind at Tao Downtown, and he pled not guilty to the charges in October. In June, Cuba was detained by authorities again after she told the police he had groped her.

Despite the fact he's been accused of groping approximately 15 different women, Cuba Gooding Junior has continued going to his favorite nightspots, including at Baby Grand as well as La Esquina. 50 Cent, the rapper, trolled the actor and said on his IG that he had "15 women saying he groped them."

The rapper asked what he was doing hanging out at a Nets game. Reported by Bridget Hill on the 10th of October, prosecutors slapped Cuba Gooding Junior with another charge, which quickly wiped off the smile he had on his face as the actor appeared in the Criminal Court of Manhattan.

A report from Page Six previously claimed he looked quite cheerful and gleeful as he walked into the court, but wasn't nearly as happy looking on his way out. Jenna Long, who serves as the Assistant District Attorney, elaborated to the judge that the actor was indicted on another charge.

Cuba's problems first came out over an incident at a New York City bar this past June, after a 30-year-old woman accused him of sexually assaulting her. Mark Jay Heller, who has been serving as the star's attorney, claimed the charge against his client was just a way of stalling the court's proceedings.

Following reports of the new charges, TMZ obtained security footage of what appears to show a man grabbing at a Tao server from behind.

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