Cuba Gooding Junior And His Attorney Deny 'Victim Shaming' Accusation

Cuba Gooding Junior And His Attorney Deny 'Victim Shaming' Accusation
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According to a report from Page Six, the attorneys working on behalf of the A Few Good Men alum, Cuba Gooding Junior, claim they are not "victim-shaming" the women involved in the sexual assault/harassment case against Mr. Gooding Junior.

Some reports have accused Cuba and his lawyers of "victim-shaming," however, video evidence, including the footage captured from TMZ, appears to show a situation unlike what was previously described in the media.

Reportedly, the Manhattan prosecutors claim Cuba and his attorney searched through the woman's social media history in an attempt to make her appear as though she was "unhinged" and her credibility was questionable. The woman in the criminal case accused Mr. Gooding of groping her at a club in Manhattan.

Mark Heller, Cuba's lawyer, claimed the social media posts were not meant to "shame" anyone, they were designed to show the world what time of person she is.

Heller said in his statement, "any embarrassment or humiliation" felt on her part is clearly of her own doing, as she was the one to broadcast them for the world to see. Reportedly, in defense of his client, Mark Heller has filed a motion to have the case thrown out by the court.

Last month, the 51-year-old Hollywood star was slapped with forcible touching charges, a misdemeanor, as well as sexual abuse charges. He was accused of groping the unidentified woman on the 9th of June at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar.

Footage shows Mr. Cuba Gooding Junior reaching over toward his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, who was sitting beside the accuser at the time. Near the beginning of the month, the assistant DA, Jenna Long, accused Mark and Cuba of shaming her and attacking her credibility through the vilification of anxiety and depressive disorders.

Furthermore, in the Manhattan Criminal Court, Cuba's attorney challenged the prosecutor and the police's decision not to interview Claudine De Niro, who happens to be the former wife of Raphael De Niro. Regardless, you can see the security footage above.

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