Cuba Gooding Junior Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By 14 Women In Total

Cuba Gooding Junior Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By 14 Women In Total
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According to a report from, Cuba Gooding Junior's legal situation just worsened significantly following his Manhattan Supreme Court appearence on the 15th of September. Reportedly, in addition to the two women who already accused him of sexual assault and harassment, another 12 women came forward with their own stories.

This means that approximately 14 women have come out of the woodwork to accuse Cuba Gooding Junior of varying degrees of sexual misconduct. One year ago, a woman in New York claims Cuba grabbed her breast while at a rooftop bar, while another woman accused him of grabbing her butt.

Initially, the A Few Good Men star was taken into the station on four misdemeanor charges including forcible touching as well as sexual abuse.

Page Six reported earlier this week that in addition to the misdemeanor counts of assault, prosecutors are taking into consideration the other 12 accusations, which are described as "Molineux witnesses."

One of the women in the case, claims the Manhattan prosecutors, told her story of what Cuba Gooding Junior had said to her, including demanding her to sit on his face and pee in his mouth. Mark Heller, Cuba's lawyer, stated that he and his client were shocked the case was actually continuing.

The actor's lawyer added that the accusations come at a time when "hysteria and unusual environment and climate" exists to the point where "commonplace gestures" are considered transgressive. The actor has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

As it was previously reported by the New York Daily News, the outlet claimed he was to be arraigned on the 15th of October for touching two women, including one woman on the 9th of June in 2019. The woman described Cuba as "highly intoxicated" when the incident occurred.

For the most part, Cuba's attorney has explained repeatedly that much of the accusations are without evidence. Heller added that the accusations won't result in a conviction on any grounds. Cuba Gooding Junior first came to prominence in the early 1990s with John Singleton's cult-film, Boyz N Da Hood.

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