Courtney Stodden Spotted Kissing Mystery Man After Divorcing Husband

Courtney Stodden Spotted Kissing Mystery Man After Divorcing Husband

Courtney Stodden has confirmed that her relationship with husband Doug Hutchinson was over and then, just a few hours later she was spotted in the company of a mystery man, singing Karaoke together.

The 22 year old reality TV star revealed all the details concerning her split form much older, 56 year old husband, Hutchinson and then she celebrated her freedom with a new boo.

After she made public her split, eyewitnesses saw Stodden kissing a mystery man while out at the Blind Dragon karaoke bar in Hollywood on Thursday, February 9.

"Unfortunately, it’s true. It’s hard right now but we’re trying to individually find our happiness. It’s just really sad right now,” stated the blonde about her failed marriage.

Stodden, best known for appearing on Celebrity Big Brother England, was wearing a tight, flesh-colored strapless dress as she embraced the unidentified man at the karaoke bar.

She most definitely moved on from her now ex husband pretty quickly!

Her relationship with Hutchinson was quite controversial. The two married when she was only 16 years old and required parental approval.

As we have reported, earlier this month, the bombshell was spotted having lunch with an unidentified man, before the split was even announced.

In July of last year, Stodden went through a tragic miscarriage.

According to s source, Stodden and Hutchison has been separated, but were still living together

Although there is no information regarding her living arrangements now, the source said that the marriage was shaky as Stodden "feels like a hostage with Doug."

Recently, even her mother, Krista Keller stated that her daughter's marriage to Hutchison was a huge mistake.

"I don't think it is a very healthy [relationship]." Said Keller, despite the fact that she signed the approval for them to marry when Stodden was a teenager.


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