Courtney Stodden Reveals She Was A 16-Year-Old Virgin — Was Sexually Assaulted And Raped

Courtney Stodden Reveals She Was A 16-Year-Old Virgin — Was Sexually Assaulted And Raped
Credit: Source: Courtney Stodden/Instagram

Courtney Stodden celebrated her 26th birthday on August 29, 2020, and she's been opening up about her life and the lessons that she's learned on her Instagram account. Courtney made headlines when at 16-years-old, she married character actor Doug Hutchison who was in his fifties. She had her parents' permission for the union but now, ten-years-later, Courtney is opening up about what her life was really like back then. She also shared a post on Instagram where she stated that she was a 16-year-old virgin and no one was looking out for her best interest at the time she was married.

Courtney has a book coming out and while some people may find 26-years-old a bit young to write a memoir, the book seems right on time for Courtney. Her divorce was finalized in March 2020, and after being married to Doug for ten years, she has quite a few things to say about her ex-husband, and what she is revealing isn't very favorable.

Courtney spoke about being sexually assaulted and raped, but she did not go into great detail about the events. She stated the following.

"Ten years ago, I turned 16. Nothing could have prepared me for what was around the corner. I had a child's mind, a teenager's body, and I was a virgin... I wed a 50-year-old man, I had just met in person. I gave him my all — my body, my mind, my heart, my soul. No one stopped me. No one stepped in and said this wasn't okay."

Courtney continued.

"I hid myself beneath a blonde mask, and eventually, I lost my complete identity. I was the victim of sexual assault, abuse, and rape."

You may read Courtney Stodden 's full post below.

Though Courtney didn't explain in full detail about her assaults, her fans offered their support in her comment section. It is clear that Courtney has a story to tell and she has been through hell in the past ten years. Many of her fans are looking forward to reading her memoir and praise her for being brave, raw, and honest about her life.

What do you think about Courtney Stodden's post? Are you going to read her memoir and find out more about her life?

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