Courtney Stodden Drags Brian Austin Green For Using His Children As An Excuse To See Other Women!

Courtney Stodden Drags Brian Austin Green For Using His Children As An Excuse To See Other Women!
Credit: Source: Daily Mail

After his separation from Megan Fox , Brian Austin Green has dated multiple women. Not long after Megan Fox dragged her ex for trying to paint the narrative that she was an absent mother, Courney Stodden backed the actress up.

Courtney and Brian had a brief fling that ended on a sour note. While he said they simply went their separate ways, she said that he wanted to date other women at the same time.

Green posted a photo of him and one of the children he shares with Fox on his timeline -- something that Megan doesn't do. She took it as Brian trying to make her look like she is too consumed in her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly to be around her children and called him out on the post.

He ended up deleting and reuploading the photo with just himself appearing in the image where he received support from followers who slammed Megan for her behavior.

Courtney decided to give her two cents by taking to Instagram.

' I’m so proud of Megan for speaking up about the way Brian seems to use his kids as a flex. During my time spent with him, when I was over at his house, his kids were never there. They were always with Megan. She wasn’t an absent mother. And yet, like she says - she doesn’t plaster them all over her social. There were times Brian would tell me that he couldn’t see me because he had his kids - and I later found out that this wasn’t true, he was actually just seeing other women at those times.'

She went on to say: 'Like, dude - you’re allowed to see other people, just be honest about it. To me and to them. And don’t use your kids as your lie. Brian had been lying to many women at once about being exclusive with them. Before knowing this, I posted a video of him and I together to my IG. He said he was “disappointed” about this. Really, he was just disappointed that my vid cost him a couple other booty calls who didn’t know they were booty calls. Then he started posting loads of pictures of his kids, acting like this doting single dad. It was clearly an attempt to protect his image, using them. How could all of us women who he’d tried to play be mad at such a loving father? He soon lost interest in “working” with me on music (when he never actually did) when he realized I wasn’t giving it up.'


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